Freedom Church provides several ways for you to access audio of our Sunday sermons, both in streaming and recorded formats.  Below is some information to help you find the format that works best for you.
Live Audio
We stream only the sermon portion of each Sunday service.  As with most live events, the time will vary, but usually starts 25-30 minutes into the service (currently 10:25-10:30).  The live audio stream is available on our website at  The stream works for computers, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can access the live stream at  The live stream is not currently available for other smartphones, but we are working to provide that feature.
You can also download the free app for iPhone or Android, which provides the live stream or recorded sermons.  After you have installed the app, search for freedom church mark price in both the Live and Channels areas.  Once you locate it, save it in your favorites.

Recorded Audio
iTunes Podcast
You can subscribe to the Freedom Church audio podcast on iTunes using any of these methods:
[iPhone, iPod, iPad, or computer] search the iTunes store (ITS) for the phrase freedom church mark price;
[Computer] click this link (commonly known as the url) on your computer: podcast/freedom-church-sermon-audio/id631004002
Standard Podcast
If you have a smartphone other than iPhone, or a computer without iTunes, you can subscribe to our podcast in one of these ways:
[Computer] click this link  You should see a listing of the available sermons.  If your browser does not interpret the feed correctly, you will need to install a podcast or feed reader such as RSS Bandit, and then subscribe to the feed by entering the link information above.
[Smartphone] install a feed or podcast reader app (such as Simpirss for Windows phone), and subscribe to the podcast by entering in the feed url space when prompted.
* This information is provided for your convenience and we hope that it has been helpful to you.  We are not able to provide technical support on installing apps or programs on phones, tablets, or computers.