Welcome to Freedom! We say that a lot at Freedom Church because we believe that every human heart is longing for just that... Freedom! We all long to live free from shame, fear, guilt, condemnation and the control of sin. But sadly many of us have left church on countless occasions feeling an even deeper sense of these problems in our lives as a result of going to church rather than actually being liberated from these burdens.

At Freedom Church we are all about helping you to experience true freedom. There are no perfect people at Freedom Church. We know that we are all broken people, but we also know that we are moving toward wholeness by the grace of God and with the help of His people. And since we are all broken people, there is no reason to pile more shame, guilt and condemnation on each other.

In other words, you can come to Freedom just as you are without having to fear harsh judgment or rejection. But don't expect to leave exactly as you came, because we are daily tapping into God's power to transform our lives through a growing relationship with Jesus and His family (the church).

Thanks for taking time to visit our website. I hope that you find it helpful and informative. And I hope that you will be able to worship with us soon, either online or in person.

You Are Loved!
Pastor Mark