In the book of Romans, Paul says his calling is "to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of Christ's name among all nations" (Rom. 1:5). Like Paul we are called to make disciples of all nations. Freedom Church will always be a church that "gives and goes" to support missions both local and global.

Throughout the world, local churches are engaged in their communities and are working to share the love of Christ. Freedom Church, The Union and Grace Anglican Church believe that these churches are the foundation that will be used to further the Kingdom of God. We stand behind these ministries supporting them with our prayers, time, and resources. This will be our ministry as we seek to support the local churches and organizations in anyway acceptable to our hosts.

Genuine Partnerships
We believe in the local church. This is the basis of our mission. We will partner with our local missionaries and local fellowships to encourage and assist them in serving their communities. An important function we have as a team is to also encourage the local missionaries and their families. We will partner with them and make them realize how much we appreciate their missions. Sometimes they feel forgotten and are tired.

Long-Term Relationships
Our heart is to be completely invested in the community we serve. We will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our host missionary organization and other ministries in the areas we serve.

Sustainable Ministry
We remain under the authority and direction of the local Church to ensure each mission trip has a lasting impact. Our mission teams will align with the local ministry so that we can have the greatest impact on the needs and initiatives of local ministries for years to come.

If you are interested in mission opportunities, contact our

Missions Pastor Butch Hedgepath.

Missions Pastor Butch Hedgepath in Haiti